Fun & Fun and Sun Water Sports Club Announcements


Fun and Sunners, take note of the Lake McClure campsite reservation procedures below if you are planning on attending the 4th of July outing. Also, be sure to sign up for a duty whenever you are attending any outing.

Boat Owners – the club has reserved 10 boat campsites in F-loop for each scheduled outing June through August, including the 4th of July outing. Therefore, there is no need for boat owners who are bringing their boat to make a campsite reservation assuming we have no more than 10 boats on the outing. When you arrive at the ranger station tell them that you are with Fun and Sun and they will assign you to your choice of the remaining club-reserved campsites. If we do have more than 10 boats on an outing there should still be plenty of campsites available other than 4th of July weekend.

Non-Boat Owners – if you are thinking of attending the 4th of July outing, make your reservation NOW! You can locate the numbers of your favorite campsites using the Barrett Cove Recreation Area map at the website page

To make a reservation, call MID at (855) 800-CAMP (2267) Mon-Fri 9:00-4:00 and tell them that you are with Fun and Sun Water Sports Club.

Request a campsite in F-loop and be ready to provide specific campsite numbers. You must call at least 24 hours before arrival any time you are making a reservation. While their website normally has the ability to accept online reservations MID may block out F-loop to give the club priority on F-loop reservations, so you need to call your reservation in.

2014 Drought Special Notice and Procedures:
We have been informed that the Barrett Cove Marina store, grill and gas pumps are open as usual until further notice. However, due to low water levels we still expect to hold our scheduled August and September outings on the delta and have already secured campsite reservations there. They will be weekend outings as usual, but on the delta. We will provide additional information in the outing announcements.

Duty Roster Signup:


CLICK HERE to access the new online Duty Roster Form

Looking to share a ride to the lake?
CLICK HERE to complete the Carpool Form

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